There’s a beginning but the end…only God knows it:

Everything has been upset down since one of my darkest days. I still remember that it was Sunday, i tried to forget the date in order that in 10years later i’ll tell myself that it was in 1988 or maybe in 1982 (even if i wasn’t existing neither in the last year nor in the first one) ; but can i forget what happened? In fact, never …neveeeer.

I really got shocked in front of what i saw, and i tried to describe this using words but i found that the words’ meaning aren’t at all expressing; then, i tried to write but my hand’s fingers wasn’t able to take the pen; finally, i tried to speak loudly to myself but my heart told me  » Fati ! You won’t get ride of your strange feelings,whatever you do you will be as the person who is pooring whater at midday in a desert in order to change this latter into a valley ». So, i listened to my heart so as not to be hurt.


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L’amitié: « poème dédié à tous et à toutes mes ami(e) s « 

L’amitié est une preuve de confiance,

où naissent nos plus belles confidences;

à l’ami, des secrets sont dévoilés,

des peines enfouies restent inavouées.

Une épaule amie sur laquelle se repose

nos peines, et nos chagrins qui explosent.

L’amitié a pour but de partager les joies et les douleurs,

de partager un arc-en-ciel de toutes les couleurs.

Un ami se doit être loyal,fidèle.

Au fil du temps, au fil des ans,

notre amitié n’en sera que plus belle,

et rendra le jardin qui nous unit éblouissant.

L’amitié se dit sincère, de toute confiance,

sans nul désir de reconnaissance.

Douce écoute réchauffant un coeur.

Âme en détresse qui vous conte malheur.

L’amitié raisonne nos idées folles,

et l’ami vient vous conseiller

un peu de sagesse dans les paroles;

n’ayant pour but qu’un simple désir qu’est celui de vous aider.

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Here’s a link where there’s Martin luther King’s speech titled « i Have a Dream »

My comment: i read this speech 4years ago, and i learnt some parts from it because i liked it so much.And in fact, up until now ,i still do not understand many paragraphs :) (english isn’t my mother tong).

But i can congratulate Martin Luther King because one of the blacks puts off from his paths the expression of « For Whites Only » ;) .

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Moon and stars

Up above our heads,
high in the sky,
We see the stars in night,
shining like jewels.
The moon stands up white,
High above our heads,
beautiful as a fairy.
When i see the moon,
and the little stars,
they look to me as
if a party is happening high.
As soon as it becomes darker,
more stars come in sight,
to enjoy the big party.
They move as if they’re dancing
and they don’t stop twinkling.
But as the time passes,
the sun starts coming.
The fairy has to run,
the stars have to hide.
But,I can’t hide,
nor can I run.
So, I have to wait,
for the next beautiful night.

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